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Gather ’round explorers! I’m the Wilderness Tool and I heard you were looking for adventure. You’ve met the right companion! “Adventure” is my middle name (well, actually it’s Gregory but I’m working on getting it officially changed) and I love the outdoors. I’m sort of a Jack of all trades when it comes to my skills, equipped with a little bit of everything you need whether you’re trying to start a fire, crack open a cold one, or do some tooling around. 

Care & Use:
Are you ready to get stuff done? Gently pull out my tools to use and fold back in when you’re done. Safety first!

7 Ways I’m Super Cool
1. Corkscrew
2. Bottle / Can opener
3. Knife Blade
4. Saw / Flint Scraper
5. Phillips Screwdriver
6. Flathead Screwdriver
7. Removable Flint Rod