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I put the “pen” in “dePENdable” meaning you can count on me to use all 9 of my functions at home, in the office, garage, studio, or on the go! My compact but durable design allows me to store well with others so I can always be around to lend a hand…or 9!

A little more about me: 
  • Screwdriver heads stored inside
  • Perfectly packable 
  • Everyday favorite 
  • Designed in NYC
  • Ethically produced in China
Care & Use:
Open my pen body to store my screwdriver heads and pen refills. These can easily be interchanged with my pen tip to use whenever you need. Be careful not to look directly into my ultra-bright LED light!

For the record, I don’t have 9 hands:
1. Phillips Head Screwdriver
2. Spirit Level
3. Slotted Screwdriver
4. Stylus Touch Head
5. Phone Holder
6. Inch & Millimeter Ruler
7. Ballpoint Pen
8. 3 Pen Refills
9. LED Light