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Stop–it’s hammer tool time! That one never gets old. I’m a stainless steel tool with a lot to offer whether you’re the handiest dude around or just figuring it out. Keep me in your garage or car for quick fixes anywhere you need me.

  • Stores well with others
  • Proud member of the Camping Crew
  • Have tools, will travel
  • Outdoor-approved
Care & Use:
Close all tools before storing. Keep out of reach of children. Use only as directed.

15 Ways I Nail It:

1. Hammer
2. Claw hammer
3. Wire cutter
4. Pipe grip pliers
5. Flat pliers
6. Phillips head screwdriver
7. Bottle opener
8. Saw blade
9. Flat head screwdriver
10. Nail file
11. Knife
12. Return spring
13. Safety lock
14. Slotted screwdriver
15. Handle grip