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What’s cookin, good lookin? I can’t wait to chow down with you wherever we go. My friends would describe me as lightweight, multi-functional, and a big fan of the outdoors. My boss likes to say I store well with others. In other words, you’ll never regret having me around, especially if you’re looking to turn everyday into an adventure.

  • Great for camping, picnics, or eating on the go
  • Perfectly packable
  • Designed in NYC
  • Ethically produced in China
Care & Use:

Before we get to the grub, make sure to give me a light scrub with soap and water. Then, it’s time to dish. The coolest part? I can split into two parts for easier use! I’m as sharp as I look so be careful and always fold all my appendages back in before storing.


Here are 7 more reasons to love me:
1. Spoon
2. Bottle opener
3. Knife
4. Fork
5. Corkscrew
6. Ice breaker
7. Keyring