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Meet the Tool Kit: a rag-tag bunch of survival essentials for every adventure, all stored in a retro-inspired, reusable tin container just swell for gifting. You say “tool” like it’s a bad thing!

Flexing My Features:
  • Flint & Steel
  • Wire Saw
  • 10 Safety Pins
  • Tweezers
  • Carabiner Keychain
  • Pocket Knife with 9 Ultra-Fine Tools 
  • Perfect for keeping in your backpack or car 
  • Ideal for gifting 
Care & Use:
Ready to tool around? Gently pull out the pocket knife’s tools to use and fold back in when you’re done. Carabiner is strong but not recommended for climbing. Safety first!


Our pocket knife has all the right stuff:
1. Phillips Screwdriver
2. Nail File
3. Corkscrew
4. Key Ring
5. Flathead Screwdriver
6. Bottle Opener
7. Scissors
8. Can Opener
9. Knife