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If you believe 2 is better than 1, let us introduce ourselves! We’re a traveling duo made of durable, reusable silicone that’s down to hang wherever, whenever. We dry quickly and won’t absorb scents or stains from food, even your world-famous campfire chili. We also don’t mind if things get a little heated so feel free to stick us in the dishwasher or microwave for easy clean-up. Collapse and/or hook us on your bag and let’s hit the road!

More awesomeness:
  • Set includes 2 bowls, each with a unique print and attached carabiner
  • Easy to store and clean
  • Proud members of the Camping Crew
  • Perfectly packable
  • Designed in NYC
  • Ethically produced in China
Care & Use:
Pop us open to our full height and wash before first use. We’re dishwasher and microwave safe but don’t use us over any open flames! Even bowls as awesome as us have our limits.